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news jan10 capitaland       Home Loan Rates will Climb
Source: Yahoo News 21 September 2011
Analysts warn that home loan interest rates will likely climb next year March
news jan10 hdbbto   Bank Lending Up, Home Loans Robust
Source: Channel News Asia 01 August 2011
Total bank lending up 3% from previous month
news jan10 resale   New Home Loans and Property Launches to be Hit
Source: Channel News Asia 14 January 2011
They are by no means the last should they fail to curb property market.
Pic1   New Cooling Measures. But...
Source: Channel News Asia 14 January 2011
More restrictions to curb the sizzling property market.
Pic2   Same Rules for Citizen, PR Siblings: HDB
Source: Channel News Asia 11 January 2011
HDB clarifies both unmarried citizens and PR's can buy resale flats if eligibility criteria are met

Property Cooling Measures Explained
Source: Channel News Asia 10 November 2010
Debate over the govt's recent cooling measures continues to rage



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