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The SMP Housing Loan Process

We believe in doing things the right way – and that’s the way that works in your best interests. At SMP, we’ve developed the expertise, tools, and processes that work together to help our clients obtain the very best mortgage loan package available to them. Our Mortgage Brokers are highly trained in today’s mortgage market, for both the Singapore area and beyond, and we’re here to put those skills to work for you.


SMP’s Professionalism + Expertise + Assistance + Facilitation
= Your One-Stop Mortgage Solution!


5 Steps to Getting the Best Mortgage Loan Available

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We’re with you every step of the way!


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Contact the SMP Brokers

We believe that when it comes to the sometimes confusing world of mortgage loans, you should have access to knowledgeable, experienced professionals to help you along the way – and we’re dedicated to be just that. Give us a call at 6100 9767 to arrange for a free consultation with one of our Mortgage Brokers. We can schedule an appointment for you within two days. If you’d rather work over the phone, a professional  mortgage broker will return your call for a comprehensive phone consultation within 24 hrs.

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Get No-Risk Expert Guidance

As your trusted mortgage broker dedicated to working in your best interests, we will assist you in your mortgage planning and provide an in-depth and neutral analysis of your mortgage loan options. SMP Mortgage Brokers are equipped with the latest mortgage planning tools and industry knowledge to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of all the interest loan packages offered by the major financial institutions in the market. You’ll have the information that you need to make the best possible decision for your needs.

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Let Us Facilitate the Process

We provide a hassle-free application process for your mortgage loan application. Your SMP Mortgage Broker will facilitate the process for you – from helping you gather initial the required documents all the way through to the final approval and signing the Letter of Offer. 

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Increase Your Chances of Success

Because our Mortgage Brokers specialize exclusively in mortgage loans of all types, we are in the best position to help you choose – and obtain – the most suitable solutions for all your mortgage needs. We deliver results, and our services add clear value to the mortgage loan application process.

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Rely on Trusted Brokers

At SMP, we believe in maintaining an excellent relationship with our clients even after your loan is finalised. We’re here to assist you with your refinancing needs when the time comes, as well as any further property investments you wish to make. For this reason our clients continually refer business to us, and we’re proud of the trust we earn.  Read what some of our clients have said about our services


SMP Mortgage Brokers' Role in Your Mortgage Loan Process




Phase 1: Discovery

Contact an SMP Mortgage Broker and describe your mortgage loan requirements and financial situation.

  • Builds a home loan comparison table and explain the details of each.
  • Performs free property valuations as required.
  • Provides expert guidance in selecting the best home loan package for you.

Phase 2:

Furnish home loan application forms and prepare supportive documentation

  • Assists you in understanding and preparing the documentation needed.
  • Prepares the housing loan application for you.
  • Submits the mortgage loan application to the bank or financial institution.
  • Acts as the “middle man” between you and the financial institution.

We completely facilitate
the process for you
. . . saving you time and hassle.

Phase 3: Close

Furnish housing loan application forms and prepare supportive documentation

  • Upon approval by financial institution, tenders Letter of Offer to you.
  • Facilitates a hassle-free transition between you and the financial institution.

Phase 4: Maintain

Relax and enjoy lowest mortgage loan monthly payments.

  • Provides continued mortgage loan planning.
  • Provides you with updates on refinancing packages and renewal schedules.



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